Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Flippin' Eve 2011

Some stuff finally got done!  Dad and I are in the thick of thinking out and doing the balusters and rails...and will be easier to finish once dad gets his x-mas present (SHHHH!  Don't tell him!)
The vent hood, and front and back porch lights were finally installed (this morning!).

Here are the pictures to prove it.
This past week:

Before tung oil on the floor in the library.

Tung oil coverage started.

Library floor coated 100% with tung oil.

Upside down flying duck mirror installed in the powder room.

Modified lamp post light fixture ready to hang under the front porch roof.

Old potty chair that I found on the side of the road (YUCK) that dad and I modified for Ben for a regular sitting chair.

Library shelves installed (with dad).

Top of the hanging porch fixture.

Top of the hanging porch fixture with my hand.

Back porch fixture with my hand.

4x4 post in the middle of the stair stringer (that I'm pretty sure doesn't need to be there)...gonna take it out!

Christmas Eve! 
Chuck installed the front porch light fixture this morning.

Front porch fixture up-close.

Crazy industrial-looking vent hood pipe installed.

Back porch light installed with Uncle John.

Underside of back porch fixture.

Back of the house (it looks much bigger than it actually is!)  Remember, the walls are thicker than a strawbale.

Front of the house.