Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Once a month posts? Eh...

Family was in from Austrailia from X-mas to New Year's, so that's my excuse for not posting...this time.
"Hello" to Jonine, Maya, and Clayton!  It was great to meet you all - I'm glad you're so awesome.  It's always nice to have relatives who are fun.

And now, some miscellaneous house stuff.
Lesson that Emily and I learned - don't open the firebox door while baking a pizza; unless you like the taste of ash.  Don't worry, we ate all of it.  Waste not, want not.

Plodding but educational progress on the attic balusters, posts, and rails.

Dad and I thought it would be good to start in the attic so we could learn on a straight/non-sloping run of rails and balusters.

To anchor the posts to the floor, dad and I devised a method of attachment that involves plumbing parts.

A base plate with a 24" piece of 2" dia. pipe threaded onto it with the post placed on top.

The posts had existing holes up through the center, but it turns out that they had to be bored out a bit more.

And the base plates needed a place routed out at the bottom of the column so that they could be recessed and in-vis-i-ble!

Dad routing.

More routing. 
Please note: the holes that we drilled directly into the floor for the balusters.  This is what made this a pain in the bum - most railings and balusters these days are assembled off-site with a base plate that the balusters attach to.  I DON'T LIKE THIS FOR OUR HOUSE.  It is fine for many places, but I did not want that here.  Oddly, I really have no preference about many things, but this was very important to me for some reason.

Craig took care of cleaning and putting tung oil on the 2nd floor boards.  He did a great job and learned a new skill...oh the things we have learned!

So, I think we'll be moved into the house by the time Ben graduates high school.  We'll have a graduation party!
Any questions?