Things One Might Like to Know About Construction

BOND: In masonry, brick bond describes the various styles of laying bricks to create different patterns. The bond is the method by which masonry "units" -- or bricks -- are interlocked or joined and the adhesion of mortar to the bricks.  (By Lisa Hallett Taylor, Guide)

MASONRY:  Pronunciation: This word is pronounced "MAY-SON-REE" - only 3 syllables.  If you say 'may-son-air-ee' (4 syllables) in my presence, I reserve the right to torment you mercilessly.  Go ahead, say these out loud to yourself so you are sure of the difference.

LULL: A commonly used term for a telescoping boom forklift.  "Lull" is the proprietary name for a piece of JLG equipment.

Articulating Manlift Comparison (Overly-Simplistic Words-Only Format)
An articulating manlift goes up and down and the base rotates - whoop-de-doo.

An articulating manlift with a jib goes up and down, the base rotates, and the people bucket can move left and right independently of the up and down articulating arm - WOOOO-HOOOOO! This makes one's life much easier, safer, and work much more accessable.

Easier accessability means more productivity, quicker work, and a lot less cussing!