Saturday, December 10, 2011

22 Months and Counting...

We could've had TWO children in the time it is taking to build this house!

We're getting there...and I haven't updated this blog in MONTHS, so here are some miscellaneous progress photos.  Please forgive the prolific use of exclamation points - I am too tired to show excitement any other way.

Dad and I built shelves in the pantry out of remainder T&G flooring that my friend, Heidi, gave me a few years ago

A shot of the front from the NW.

Dad and I took out two sections of wall that needed to be replaced.  We tied through the wall and pulled it out with my truck. 
So THERE wall.

View from the 1st floor loo.

Ben has been very good at working at the house with me, but even he has his limits!

Midway through the second section of wall replacement.  We've gotten much better at this!

This is how I will dress up the drip line to break the water so it doesn't splash against the house - broken slate leftovers placed vertically in the ground!

Dad repainting the posts the same color they were when we got them; kinda Sesame Street, but I think it works!

Ben checking out the window seat storage.

View of the kitchen from the 'pub corner.'

Bookshelves installed in the 'library!'

My mom is so awesome; she finds rocks in the yard and washes them for me!

Kitchen sink...we need to continue the backsplash with the rocks my mom collected.

Stained glass in the wall between the master bedroom and master bath.  Many thanks to Gary and Charlotte at The Charlotte Hotel for this idea!

Ben going into his 'secret space' that we made for him.  The drywaller even drywalled it!

Dad parging the chimney.  So many new skills...  ;-)

Just before putting a mirror into the 'upside down duck frame.'  This will be the powder room mirror.

A few of the pallets of leftover stone that Dave Thompson gave to us.

Me driving the Bobcat (dad's thumb).

Dad and Jeff talking about height.

Looking down the stairs at the baluster mock-up.

Dad placed some of Dave's stone today under the front porch.

I'm a big fan of leftovers.  Food, building materials, whatever.  Big fan.
In this photo; the posts, stone pavers, slate on the roof, and wooden door are all either reclaimed or leftovers from other places.

So, I know that this is all jumbled together, but blog updates have taken second fiddle to working on things at the house.  Any questions?