Friday, March 18, 2011

What We Did Today Was Fun

Ben took a nap on Dada's lap while Craig watched basketball.

I took photos of our cabinets to post here on the blog.

Here are some of the cabinets in the garage (next to leftover bags of lime).

Another cabinet shot. (This is the cabinet whose drawer went missing a mile or so away...and then we found it.)

Dad and I went to Second Chance to switch out one of the large doors we bought with this smaller one.  They were from the same Hanover, PA deconstruction project, so there was no problem exchanging like for like.

I also took pictures of the interior of the house for people to see - some photos show the clay plaster after it was sealed:
Library with windows open to help the wall sealer dry.

It was nice out today and very warm, so the exterior library door was open to aid in the drying of the sealant.

Upstairs hall as seen from the landing of the stairs.  On the right is the chimney that I need to parge.

Master bedroom.

Bee hives as seen from the master bedroom window.

Hall bedroom #1 with secret passage on the right.

Dad looking like half a moose on the first floor.  The far corner is the kitchen.

This is the front door.  On the left is the 'truth window' that shows people our house really is made with straw bales.

And now for something completely different (this has nothing to do with the construction of our house).
Craig and I let Ben spend some time with Grandpa and Grandma and we went hiking.  I took the pictures below on our hike:
What in the world is at the base of this tree?

Apparently, this is some kind of warty tree disease.

There was a three-wheeled baby stroller in the middle of the woods.  Odd.

Thankfully, there was no baby in it!

I don't know how this happened to this tree.

A casualty of "The Land of Odd Tree Diseases" perhaps?

'At first it bent, and then it broke' - that would make one heck of a splinter!  What is going on with the trees here?

Because we are law-abiding citizens, we did not park on this tree trunk.

Back to the house construction:
Tomorrow, I'm hoping to get the wood for our front and back gable porch roofs.  We'll see what happens...