Sunday, March 20, 2011

Got to Get Growing.

Since I 'inherited' an absurd amount of window sash from Rhonda D., and since I need to get them out of my friend's barn, and since we'll have enough space for a big garden, I decided that my friend, Annie (who has similar interests), and I should make cold frames.  Let's get this garden party started!

A little bit into the project, Annie's husband, Russ, and her son, Andrew, showed up to join in the fun; they also brought corded tools.

 Andrew and Annie chillin', and Russ in the background doing some assembly.

 Cold frame in progress.  Russ walking away.

All of the wood for these is repurposed from other things; when Annie arrived, I was in the jobsite dumpster (my own dumpster) diving for perfectly useful goodies.

After we were 80% finished 6 cold frames, the batteries died on our cordless screw guns.  We decided to resume and complete the project Tuesday afternoon.  Decision made; we toured the house.

Andrew, lookin' cool.

House tour:
"Lady, stop taking pictures of me."  Andrew in the 'window seat to be.'

Andrew checking out the 'secret space' between the two hall bedrooms. Clearly, the entrance to this space is not yet hidden.

First toddler to explore the space!

Andrew, with mom peeking.

YAR!  I'm a toddler and I can RUN!

Another use for slate crates.

Annie likes bees too...
so since I purchased two hives, I decided that she should have one.  We went out back to load it up so it could move to their house.
This is the bee hive that will be moving to Annie and Russ's house.  Before I got the hives, this one had been infested by wax moths, so it was bee-less.  All of the frames have been dumped out in this photo; they will not be reused because of the infestation.

In case you were wondering, this is what the aftermoth looks like.

Once we get the garden growing, the bees making honey, and I learn how to make bread, we'll be golden.