Thursday, March 3, 2011

Enquiring DeRans Want to Know When We'll Be Hosting Christmas

The finish coat of plaster is in progress.

Once that's complete and dry, it will be sealed with a product from American Clay...some sort of soy-based spray.
Then the drywall can get touched up (unsealed natural plaster is prone to scuffs and stuff), and 2nd coat of paint
Then opening concrete pores of 1st floor so that they'll accept a stain.
Then concrete will be sealed.
Then cabinets and fixtures and everything can be installed.
Then I don't even know...I guess I'll go to sleep.

This header is being fixed because it wasn't staying put;
you got to push that clay into the straw - really work it in!

Ben is wondering why there aren't any books in the library yet.

The backside of the house...with the yard cleaned up a little.

A few cracks in the plaster on the back of the house. We've scheduled a visit from the structural engineer because this isn't supposed to be like this (there was an issue previously with a lack of full bearing of posts between 1st and 2nd floor that had caused some torsion/rotation of the 2x10 perimeter bits - I'm guessing this may be connected to that).

Grandfather Harry loves his grandson!

Mom Carole and Aunt Sally checking out the masonry heater.

I'm still looking for a nice vent hood with sufficient airflow for the massive amount of btu's that our commercial stove will be putting out.  Jeff and I will be looking into the path of the venting to see what makes the most sense (Though technically it can be done, I'd rather not have to breach the strawbale walls to vent)

I was going to buy this vent hood from Second Chance, but I snoozed and loosed. Thems the breaks - if you like it, you'd better get it or risk losing it. I guess it was not meant to be since I didn't snatch it right up!