Friday, March 11, 2011

Found Us Some Cabinets at Second Chance! YEAH!

Pricing of items at Second Chance in Baltimore is time-dependent.  The longer something is in their warehouse, the cheaper it gets!  (There are some exceptions.)  I located this cabinet cluster on March 11th.  The price was scheduled to drop on the 15th.  I decided to chance losing the cabinets in order to save approximately $300.

On the Ides of March I showed up at the warehouse before it open.  Lo and behold, the cabinets were waiting for me!

The below photos are from the March 11th Second Chance visit with Dad and Ben.

Bad picture, but pretty good cabinets.

Another bad picture (I can't figure this daggum camera out!), different angle.

At least this is in focus, and you can see the color.