Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beware the Ideas of March!

So, in March, with a house looking like this, one might get overly hopeful ideas about completion and moving in.  I caution myself not to start loading boxes into my truck just yet...

Those bottles should be chained to something so they don't fall over. 
Since they are not, I assume they are empty - that is the only reason this would be ok.
It is always tempting to see equipment without a person in it...but everything I could've graded had already been done!

The 'boat' tub is not yet completely painted; that'll have to be done before it gets installed.

The siding still needs to be installed on the top rear of the library .

This is the current view walking in to the first floor from the breezeway.

The front door is on the right of this photo with the ladder in front of it.  The masonry heater on the left is our primary heat source (unless you consider the sun 'primary').  The opening to the right of the heater leads to the powder room and the root cellar.

Left to right: wheelbarrow, stairs to library that then turn around behind masonry heater to the second floor, and then the powder room.

On the left is where the piano will go (not that I play or anything).

Double doors go to the backyard.  The masonry heater on the right has a slate mantle above the firebox and below the bake oven.

The door to the breezeway is on the left...that's where the kitchen will be - in front of the door.

This is where all of the kitchen bits will go, with the pantry on the left.

The rock below will be cut a little and be a step behind the back door of the garage.