Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bees at Home: They're Pooped From the Long Journey

Stopped by to check on the bees;
what we found was not great.

So, dad and I had previously put a bag of Karo syrup on the bees' 'front stoop' so they could get their honey reserves back up to keep them going throughout the rest of the winter.

Turns out, our hive placement was not so good...some bees came out for a snack, pooped and died (I think they were cold). See the bees on the ground?  They're dead. The smudges on the hive in the photo above are bee feces.

See? The hive is too near the evergreens and therefore in the shadow.  20 or 30 feet to the north (see the sunlight), would've been better.

We'll move them a little at a time once the weather is not crazy windy.