Friday, February 11, 2011

BEES! A Visit to Whitmore Farm

Anyhoo, we're going to be moving up to a straw house outside of the town limits, and since I was recently re-computerized (bought a new computer), I decided to search for 'bee hives' on Craigslist.
 OH YEAH!  Lo and beer-hold, there be bees!

Background: I've wanted bees for quite a while now, but I haven't been able to have them since I live in the Town of Bel Air.  There is a Town law that says residents cannot keep bees
This is just silly.

Ok, so on Craigslist there were bee hives for sale in Maryland, and I was the first to respond.  They were quite a drive away, at Whitmore Farm.  I checked out Whitmore Farm online and it looked so cool that I felt I needed to go there and check the place out.

Good decision Adrienne, good decision.

Below is a roundabout pictorial tour of the visit my friends (Emily, and her sister Patty) and I took to see about the bee hives:

They'd recently had many births on the farm.  Animal births. The farmer, Will, brought over a baby lamb (Baa baa, baa baa baaa baaaa) for Patty to feel (since she can't see).

...and also a new baby goat (blaaa blaa, blaaaa blaa blaaa blaa).
and a rabbit,
and another rabbit,
...and the same rabbit, but her 'good' side.
We continue our tour to see the heritage eggs.
Mmmm, eggs.
GREEN eggs and brown eggs (Ham jokes anyone?)
 ...and tan eggs, and brown eggs, and ecru eggs
Egg scales and a sweet pen and pencil holder made of birch bark
(was that you Kent?).
 Stone mushrooms? No.
Staddle stones. To see some of these in action locally, visit The Steppingstone Museum.
 Niiice ruins.
Guys, if you decide to repoint this, use lime mortar;
I think this is earlier than the common use of Portland cement.
Missing lintel above this doorway.

Bee hives and neat stone ruins.

So Farmer Will and I loaded the first hive (the one in the foreground) into m'truck. 
I felt the second hive (behind the tree) to see if it was heavy or anything;
it had a little heft so Will said we should check it. 

I lifted the supers (the two top sections) and we peeked in - guess what!  BEES! 

I was expecting to buy two hives, a smoker, and a hood, and I got a bonus:
Nice, huh?

Took me a while to come down from that high.
Free.  Bees.

Oh, we also got lunch at The Shamrock.  We had fish n' chips. 
It. Was. Delicious.