Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thank You Latvia and Moldova!

It was brought to my attention this morning, that if I go 16 days without a post, I may lose readership of my blog.  This is an excellent point!

I decided to make a new post as soon as was practicable.  It never really occurred to me that more people than my immediate family and friends would look at this blog, so I decided to look at my "stats."

Unexpectedly, there were 9 pageviews each from Latvia and Moldova!  Thank you for your interest; it is much appreciated.  Moldova, please know that the only reason your country was listed second is that I listed alphabetically.
A picture of beautiful Moldova

Some yummy-looking Latvian food.

Back to the House Stuff
This has been a slow several weeks because of all the snow and ice, so I hadn't been up for over a week. 
Yesterday Tony the plumber and his two sons ran the permanent line from the well to the house.  Tony had a good idea about water heaters: instead of using separate heaters for the hot water and radiant floor heat, install one high-efficiency heavy-duty gas heater with a heat transfer plate linking the two systems.  This seems to make a lot of sense. I'll have to put up some info about this set-up; diagrams and stuff.  But now, I'll take a nap.