Thursday, January 20, 2011

Smoke? What smoke?

Where there's fire there's...smoke?  NOPE!  We've got a biggole fire going in the masonry heater and, like the contrail in the distance, only WATER VAPOR 'round the top of the chimney!  (I'm pretty sure - I haven't gotten up there to put my face in it, but the way it dissapates, it gotsta be water vapor)  All of the fuel is burned up so efficiently that only a little excess heat goes out the chimney and condenses the moisture in the air!

I think this is where the cat will lay - if she's smart (and loses some weight so she can get up there.) 
1) It's warm on top in the center.
2) I weighed Bitsy today and she is SIXTEEN POUNDS!

Breaktime after a La Tolteca lunch.  MUCH better than Taco Bell.

Roberto esta aqui este tiempo...y Christian, y

Edgar y Alejandro.

Como "Handy Manny" dice, "Todos juntos."

Fixing some clay plaster above the kitchen window.  We think the propane heaters heated too quickly and unevenly and caused some cracking.  Sunday was spent fixing these areas.

A cord of wood for burning in the masonry heater.

Kids' bedroom #2.

Kids' bedroom #1...with a pile of clay in the middle of the floor.

Mid-process patching at the window jambs and tops of the walls.

George with Ben in his handknit sweater... ;-)