Saturday, January 15, 2011

Good Things from Today

The seventh day of firing the masonry heater.  We are now able to put a 'full charge' of wood in at a time - that's like 40# of wood.

Jeff is holding up one of the sconces I got the other day.
I bought 6 light fixtures, and then had to figure out precisely where we should put them.

These lights have those 'eyeball' sensors on them so they'll turn on in the dark.

One will go on each side of the garage; left and right.  Thanks to dad, they'll be mounted high enough so that Craig doesn't clobber himself in the head or face with them.

That's a nice-looking fire.  Oddly enough, it burns from the top down!

Jeff was a little concerned that the dirt marks below the window happened when the guys saturated the interior clay plaster in preparation for another coat.

Pokey pokey!

Nope, not a problem!  This is just dirt and dust that washed off the exterior window sill and down the lime plaster.
The posts from the Barnyard Boys installed on our porch.

The beadboard for the porch ceiling purchased from the Barnyard Boys in Lancaster County, PA.

When Marlon started installing the beadboard, he found out that there were 2 different kinds of beadboard together.  This made the ceiling kinda wonky because there was 1/8 in. difference in thickness, and a definite difference in bead size and width of that flat parts.

Dad, Jeff, and posts.  The existing paint will be removed, but I'm kinda diggin' the color.  We may just strip them and then repaint them the same color.  What do you think, Neighbor?

This was the progress as of December 30th.  Thought people might like to see an overview of the front.

Dad and I saw this eagle carved into a tree stump in Lancaster County, PA and took a picture
because we thought it was nice.  We were headed to the Barnyard Boys to discuss the discrepancy in the beadboard we bought.

Can you see what is around the base of this trailer?

A closer look reveals STRAWBALES! 
Yes, these people are smart; the strawbales act as a windblock so that air doesn't blow right under the trailer, and so I guess this is insulation in this instance as well (as it is at our strawbale house)!


Christ at the Barnyard Boys helped us find a bit of beadboard that was close enough to matchy matchy, so we took it to the house to install, and the portion that was not matchy matchy, we'll return to them.

Since we were there, we bought some more parts from the Barnyard Boys; rail for sliding doors (like in a barn), the wheelie-hangers for the door rails, a door knob stem part, and dad got some biggole hinges for his fence gate.