Sunday, December 12, 2010

Much progress very quickly~ this is GREAT.

Test that dad and I did to see if a 2000psi powerwasher was enough to open the pores of the concrete to receive stain. 11.28.2010

Plasters in action and carpenters installing eave soffit pieces on the library.  12.3.2010

Same same, but different.  12.3.2010

Plaster mixed and ready to be added to the wall.  Makeshift table on barrel with material...not sure why the makeshift table is an octagon. 12.3.2010

Screed board (well, that's what it would be called with concrete...I don't remember the plaster term right, I think that's right for plaster, with concrete it would be a 'float') being used to fill in low spots and level out the surface. 12.3.2010

I'm not sure if this refers to the dumpster or the port-o-pot.  12.3.2010

Thirdhand commercial stove burners and stovetop broiler grates BEFORE spongeblast cleaning. 12.4.2010

Thirdhand commercial stove burners and stovetop broiler grates AFTER spongeblast cleaning..and then with some drips on the grates. 12.4.2010

DRYWALL UP!  View of kitchen from on stairs, looking over the top of the masonry heater.  12.9.2010

Kid bedroom where the Uncle Dave and Aunt Roxanne's cow door will go.  (Special secret place to the left) 12.9.2010

AWESOME!  They even drywalled the (special secret place)!  Shhhh, don't tell! 12.9.2010

Master bedroom with drywall and big plaster mixing tub.  No, the walls are not in there finished state yet - but here you can see the little niches that will be on either side of the bed to hold glasses of water, or something. 12.9.2010

View from master bedroom into master bath.  The little hole on the right will have a piece of stained glass in it.  (Thank you to The Charlotte Hotel in Onancock, VA for this great idea!)

In the master bath with view of master bedroom on the right and WC (aka 'poo closet') on the left. 12.9.2010

From the corner master with (L to R) doorway to hall, closet, and bathroom. 12.9.2010

Unfinished lime plaster on the straw in the bathroom. 12.9.2010

The attic with drywall - YEAH!  This, I think, will make a good guest bed spot. 12.9.2010

The rest of the attic.  12.9.2010

Ok, I was really excited about all the progress, so I took a lot of pictures.  This is the master again.

Haven't quite figured out exactly how to handle this area detail-wise yet.  Chimney, staircase, etc.  Chimney will be parged with the lime plaster (Jeff'sgreat idea!).

Marco's powder room.  Marco did all of the earthen plastering in the room over the course of several weekends.  Thank you Marco and thank you Nikki for loaning him to us!

The stove is sort of near the location where it will be upon final installation.

Door to the right goes to the breezeway that leads to the garage and front porch.

Our little swedish chef!  Thanks to Delphine, Michael, Pauline and Valentine for the warm little outfit and hat. (actually, the hat and outfit are from France, but the hat reminds me of the Swedish Chef from The Muppets)