Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Lot Happened Today, YEAH!

So, since I worked all last weekend (for my JOB), I took a 'weekend' day today.  This means that I got to spend time with my son, and also go up to the house and take pictures!

Southwest corner - siding complete on gable end above library.

Slate debris from Dan Dan the Stonemason Man's stone cutting.

Dan and Jeff looking at the masonry heater and thinking, I think.

Slate debris and the base of a clay plaster wall with cement board over the chase.

The 'falsework' that Jeff installed to temporarily hold the firebox door frame in place.

 Jeff poking at the bake oven door.

"You talkin' to me?"

Cutting out the corrogated cardboard spacer behind the bake oven door flange.

The top of the masonry heater.  Also, I don't like Pepsi.

The back of the masonry heater stone veneer in progress.

Dan laying stone; the view from the stairs.

Paint on the nose means you're a painter!

Paint on your sweatshirt means you're a painter.

Sitting down on the job!  ;-)

The lime plaster in the master bath is looking great!

Still wet repairs to clay plaster in the master bedroom.

View of the upstairs hall with the chimney and some clay plaster above the stairwell.