Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Post! Orrrr, new POSTS!

Today, my dad and I located the posts that we'll be using to hold up our front and back porch roofs and the roof of the porch in front of the breezeway (between the garage and the main part of the house).  They're 14' long, so they'll have to be cut down to about 9'.
The top bundle is ours.  We got an especially good deal if we didn't require we've got lots of 14' posts!  HAH!  Jeff, perhaps we could use the cut-off bits for newel posts?

Here's the bottom (or top) of the posts in the stack.

Earlier in the day, Dad and Jeff and I unloaded the countertops from Heidi's truck (since my truck is a sissy) - Thanks be to Heidi!  I took pictures because it occurred to me that not many people need a giant forklift to unload their countertops.

Extending the boom to push the ends of the bowling alleys into the garage.

It took, like, an HOUR, but we got them unloaded. 
FYI - 12' x 40" x 2.5" rock maple is crazy heavy.

This is the closet opening where the closet door with the cow on it will go.