Friday, October 29, 2010

Last Weekend: Second Coat - Beginning

 The kids (although there is currently only one) hall bath BEFORE ...ok, mostly before I had hit it with a little wire brush on a drill.  The goal of the wire-brushing was to remove any loose or 'not tightly adhered' paint.

The wire brush on the drill (and me, evidently very excited about this).

The tarp over the mud/clay/earthen plaster portion of the house.

After 1st coat of paint: BROWN.

Manuel, mixing straw and mud together to put in the lath baskets above the windows.

Alejandro filling the lath baskets above the windows with the claymud-coated straw.

Juan shoveling clay from our lot into the sive that Marlon made.

Christian with muddy/straw-y gloves...aka guantes sucios!

One man's trash - local debris from the extant Peachbottom slate industry.

The masonry heater with 4" sample slate debris 'thermal mass' to the right of the firebox door.  Dad's right, this'll be great!

Grate that was salvaged years ago (with permission) from a house that was going to be torn down: we may use this to help the heat travel through the 2nd floor from the 1st.

Wall in the bedroom with clay plaster on the strawbales and the niches that will be either side of the bed.

Window in the 'poo closet' (WC) of the master bath with the bog roll niche below.

Hall bedroom #1 with 2nd coat of clay plaster.

Same corner, different angle.  Master bedroom can be seen through the studs.

Looking from the 2nd floor stairway into the library: in the future, there will be an entire wall of books preventing this view.

Dad washing down the 1st floor.  No, you cannot see the in-floor tubing for radiant heat - that is a reflection of the 2nd floor joists!

Our tree and house from Old Pylesville Rd.

"Hi everybody!  It's me, Roberto!"