Thursday, October 21, 2010

Last weekend we went to Williamsburg, but the weekend before...

Our little patriot, Ben...though, he doesn't look particularly happy!

The previous weekend:

Amy, makin' mud pies!

Rose had great enthusiasm for the clay plaster application.
Judy and Mike - learning & working on our house, and gaining crazy knowledge of process, procedure and Kaizen!
Like the sign says, "Ladies."  My sister, Jessica, and my mom, Arlene, held down the fort, took care of Ben, AND brought lunch!  My heroes!

Marco and Ben; the boys be chillin'.

Repeat out loud: "I will never get mad at filth from kids, pets, horses, or random barnyard pets who wander in from the fields; the house started out looking this messy.

Taa DAA!  Look at that workmanship!
How can you not smile when covered with mud?

Tom, smearing earthen plaster below the blocking for the picture rail trim.

Bending hand saw to cut a niche in the wall. 
Sigi in the library teaching about the different plastering tools and their uses.

Now THIS is a classroom!
Emily getting her hands dirty - and she didn't even take her nails off!

Sigi, discussing process with the guys from Longview Structures.  They came down from Lancaster County to add more hands-on knowledge to their sustainable 'toolbag.'
Ben looks like he worked as hard as Grandpa did!
The hawk's eye view of sifting clay soil and then mixing with sand.

And all of that was JUST SATURDAY! 
I'd put the Sunday photos up, but I have to go to bed now.