Monday, November 8, 2010

For Mike, Judy, my Aunts, Tere: Dad says you want more pictures!

My mud guys...pero, donde esta Roberto?  ;-)
Metal lath installation in progress on the areas that are smooth and need a surface for the plaster to 'key' into.

Rubber membrane placed on the workshop roof in preparation for living roof installation (in the SPRING!)

Fiber cement siding delivered...

...and Kenny's here to install it!

Little siding trim detail - slight overhang of the header piece.

Red windows, Woodland Cream siding, and Arctic White trim...
and me picking up nails with Grandpa Endres' magnet.

These guys are awesome siding mechanics - I am really impressed.
On a sort of unrelated note, I am unsure why there are so many ladders so close together with no one on them...just people on the ground.  ;-)


Great siding guys doing their thing; crazy lady with a magnet on a string in the foreground. 
Think she's had one too many nails in her tires over the years?
Not on my jobsite Mister, not on my jobsite.

Niiice work!

Rear of the house: slate roof, siding, blue tarps, and 'construction debris' (straw) in the foreground.
We have no affiliation with Christo or Jean-Claude.
Masonry heater with firebox below, bake oven above (pizza!),
and slate offal intended for thermal mass.
Slate mass up-close.
Propane tank buried for cooking and such...
also, a veeeeery tall guy taking the picture.
Close-up of salvaged slate roof with snow cleats.
Craig says that the cleats look like underpants in this picture -
I have to agree.