Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4th of July!

Forgive me, I have been remiss.  I have not posted anything since Ben's birth announcement, and now I must play catch-up!  We've made much progress that has been documented, but not posted.
Since I go back to work two weeks from today (end of maternity leave), I'd better get in gear!

Our 4th of July was spent working on the house; go figure!
Below: the house at some point in the day.  As you can see, the salvaged slate roof had been completely installed, and we'd already made a good deal of progress on strawbale installation.

How thrilled I was to see a motorcycle in our garage!  Our new friends, Mike and Judy, came on their bike to help out.  In addition to attending Sigi's strawbale wksp at our house, Mike and Judy have done much research in preparation for their future home construction, so I learn much from them everytime we work together.

By this time, I was 1 month post birthin', so I could be a bit more helpful to the construction cause.  Still quite weak, but in good spirits, I ceded control of the wee one to a very helpful grandmother, and attempted to do some good.  FYI: In case you didn't already know, square post = not good for pole dancing.

I've learned by example: a clean jobsite is a safe jobsite (dad sweeping up).  By extension, the house where Craig, Ben, and I are currently living, should be deemed a Superfund site based on my housekeeping skills.  Thanks dad!  That dry straw makes for a crazy slip hazard.

MY MOM, yeah!  She's an excellent strawbaler, but we do get silly.
I assure you, my parents have done nothing to deserve being pressed into service like this.  When the time comes, I'll be there to change their diapers and soothe their bunions...

Our builder, Jeff, putting plywood up along the underside of the roof trusses.  The bales get wedged in tight to this backing board.

Judy and Mike heading out on their trusty steed after a good day's work.  Dad (below) sent them off with, I believe, frozen peanut butter cup fortification.  All bikers should have dads like mine sending them off with goodies for the road!

In addition to learning lessons from our project, please know that we'll be there for you when yours comes around!