Saturday, June 5, 2010

Big Announcement!

Introducing (two weeks ahead of schedule):
our son, Benjamin Patrick, June 2nd 11:58pm, 6lbs 10oz., 20.5". 
He is happy, healthy, and 'strong like ox!' - must've been all the house-buildin' we've been doin'.

So, since the workshop, my posts have been particularly few and far between because we've been working hard on stacking bales, salvaging slate, holding down our day jobs, growin' and birthin' babies, etc.

Adrienne, Ben, and Craig in our new house...still under construction (note the straw on the floor in the top of the photo).

Thankfully, giving birth this past Wednesday maybe explains why my bum was draggin' so much while trying to work the previous weekend!  So, even though my capacity is currently somewhat limited, this house still needs to get built.  Stay tuned for future developments to include, but not limited to, more workshops/learning and practicing opportunities, and fun in the straw!