Sunday, July 17, 2011

This post is for Clara.

My dear friend has yet again pointed out that I have fallen behind on updating the blog. 
Admittedly, I've been rather busy with a 13 month old son, etc....but, aside from that, there has been much progress on the interior of the house in the past month. 

So, here is a photo update:

On June 10th Chuck, the electrician, cut square holes in the subfloor of Ben's room to run wire...

and a junction box to add a ceiling mounted fixture in the 'pub corner' on the first floor.

June 11th, I went up to the house to first wire wheel the outside of the tub that will go in the master bath.
Here's the drill with the wire brush attached.

Then I taped off the rim of the tub with painters' tape...

so I could paint the outside of the tub BLUE.

On June 14th (Flag Day and my sister's birthday), Ben and I went up to the house to put t&g wood flooring into the garage since it was going to rain.
Thankfully, my friends Emily and her sister Patty came to visit at the house; Ben wouldn't let me put him down so I could move the wood, so I put Patty and Emily to work!

I am such a gracious host.

The front of the house looked all dirty, so I took a picture.

I think the previous rain had washed down dust that had collected on the exterior plaster (stucco).

On our June 15th visit to the house, I took some more pictures of the facade filth:

On my birthday, June 16th, my neighbor Morgan and I went up to the house to cull out the rough bits of the used flooring I had purchased.

Look at us being all safe with our PPE! (Personal Protective Equipment)

 Happy Birthday to ME!

Morgan cutting up.

Pile o' wood.

We moved our operation inside for a bit because there was a huge pile of oak to work on too.

Original label from the oak flooring.

The view of the pine piles from above the garage.

I'll post more later this afternoon. Right now I have to install a new garbage disposal for my mother-in-law.