Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sealing Stained Bathroom Floors and Resealing Kitchen

After mopping and drying the bathroom floor.

Fan used to dry after mopping, shoes off, sprayer all full of no VOC sealer.

Wet sealer on hall bathroom floor.

Soaking up sealer.

Blurry picture of sealer on the master bath floor.

Mopped and dried kitchen floor ready for another coat of sealer; I wasn't pleased with the quality of sealer coverage/application to date.

And the daggum sprayer kept clogging!

Dad sprayed the kitchen and had to keep unclogging the blaggard sprayer.  In this photo you can see the irregularities of the previous sealer coats.

Sealer left to cure on the kitchen floor so cabinets can be installed.

Patience dear readers, patience; we are making forward progress.