Monday, May 16, 2011

All-Over Staining of Bathroom Floors

After 1st staining, but before 2nd staining.

All-over stain just applied and still wet.

Starting to dry.

All-over stain in master bath starting to dry.

Another picture of master bath 2nd coat starting to dry.

Master bath floor looking dark brown.

Hall bath with 2nd coat nearly dry.

My Homer bucket and awesome mop bucket (note: mop bucket is top heavy if not full of water).

Neutralizing and removing the excess stain.

Neutralizing and removing the excess stain in the master bath.

Shiny and wet; it'll look a bit like this once it is sealed.

And now for something completely different:
Light fixtures layed out for 'tweaking.'  Old, neato fixtures need to be rewired etc.  Very pleased with these.