Monday, April 25, 2011

Floor Sealing: 2nd Coat, 2nd Application Method

Dad had this great idea; a leafblower shouldn't leave marks like the squeegee. Awww yeah.

The leafblower test began in the powder room.

It was, of course, a bit difficult to move the liquid around - the leaf blower only blows away from the operator, it doesn't have an air current that pulls leaves and fluids.

It is also difficult to avoid stepping on recently placed sealer while blowing around some other stuff.

The darker areas have had a second coat of sealer placed by leafblower spreading.

This process is painstakingly slow, but seems to work better than a manufacturer non-approved squeegee.  Since dad and I were unsure of how this coat will lay down, we decide to stop at this point before wasting too much time on something that may or may not be successful.