Friday, April 29, 2011

Floor Sealing: 2nd Coat, 3rd Application Process Used

So, since the leafblower was SOOOOO SLOOOOOW in spreading around the sealer that I poured onto the floor, we decided, 'What the heck, we might as well try yet another application process.'

El Cheapo handpumped garden-type sprayer.  Mind you, the application specs say that an airless sprayer may be used.  Since an airless sprayer is about 300 bucks, and we've already tried several other processes, I was not about to drop some C-notes for this (currently frustrating) process.

This is looking promising...

Cheapo-sprayer sprayed section of floor.

I think these sprayed bits are whiter than clearer because they were laid down more thickly.

Ooooh, shiny!

Still promising...

Just inside the front door and the interior of the pantry.

Hopefully we've hit upon a good combination of speed, cost, and utility for the sealer application.  Fingers crossed on this one!