Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Staining the rest of the floor

The oddly light brown are the areas I stained today before I went to lunch.  (Amy P. stopped by and we ate at this tasty little cafe in Delta, PA.)

I guess the areas that are still wet either where more stain was put on and/or there is a difference in the pores of the concrete and the absorption of the stain.

A view of the newly stained areas in the foreground.

The stain has to have a minimum dwell time of 4 hours before neutralizing and rinsing, so I've got another hour or so to 'goof with the bees.'

Goofin' with the bees
This is a frame that goes in the bee hive.  Apparently I forgot some things that I learned in the bee class I took a couple of years ago.

One of the things I didn't remember, was how to properly assemble the frames.  I accidentally put a hole in the wax foundation.

I had previously placed a capful of fladersaft (elderberry drink concentrate from IKEA) in the top super - I thought this might be a tasty drink for the bees to quaff.

I had also put in a partial container of corn syrup that I had in my pantry; I've decided to stop using any corn syrup in my kitchen.  I figure if there need to be PR commercials to put positive spin on 'corn sugar,' then we probably shouldn't be eating it.

Ten new frames installed in the top super.

Bees entering the hive with orange pollen in their 'saddle bags.'

Bees flying and chillin' at the entrance to the hive.

Back to the floor staining

To neutralize the stain, I put baking soda in a bucket of water and then dumped it over (because I can).  Then I smooshed it around to the other areas so that it would be neutralized before rinsing.

The 'wet look' is closer to the final appearance of the floor.