Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Staining the First Floor

7:40am  I've never done this before. 
This is what the floor looks like before I started (Dad and I washed it with plain ol' h2o yesterday)

Also 7:40am.
I was at the big box hardware store this morning before it opened at 6am.  I bought the nice yellow mop bucket on the left - I splurged ($10 more) and got the bucket with the 'splash block' inside.  On the windowsill is the first gallon of dark walnut LITHOCHROME Chemstain Classic by Scofield. To the right of that is a box of nitrile gloves, an acid-applying scrub brush, a roll of paper towels, and the packaging from my new mask and suit.

My chem-resistant suit, nitrile gloves, half-face mask with P-100 cartridges that are approved for OV (organic vapor) and AG (acid gasses), and also my safety glasses.   I ain't foolin' around!  This getup is what the MSDS prescribed.

Bucket fulla stain and me on the floor.

Scrubbing the stain into the concrete.

Me scrubbing (from another angle).  Thanks to Jeff for taking the scrubbing pics!

4 sections stained, 1 gallon down.

The area stained is not really how it will appear once the stain reacts with the concrete and is rinsed off.

Me, minus my PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and with particularly messy hair.  I am very pleased with myself because the 1st gallon of stain has been applied without incident in 34 minutes.  This is a convenient stopping point; I had to leave to go to a meeting about this.  Minimum 'dwell' time for the stain before neutralization is 4 hrs.
This is kinda funny-lookin'.


Rinsing off the stain to reveal stained concrete.  I decided to let this dry and come back tomorrow to stain the rest.

Craig, Ben, my parents and I stopped by to see how the floor was drying and to see the color. 

It was dark, so I had to use the flash.  This will get a semi-gloss no-VOC sealant on top.
I am pleased with how this is turning out.

I just looked at the manufacturer's website for the stain and apparently I've made either a mistake or an unintentional career move; "SCOFIELD PRODUCTS ARE INTENDED FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY"
D'oh! Guess I'm a 'professional' now.