Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Male Master Craig" - Interview Translation from Chinese using Babelfish

**If you don't know what this is that I translated, see the "We're Big in China" page**

Each people hoped that has a warm comfortable family. Maryland has household others to construct in oneself heart the ideal house, this house pays great attention the environmental protection, has the vitality abundant live roof, moreover the wall does with the straw stalk. As soon as heard that some people use the straw stalk to build the house unexpectedly, reporter are filled with curiously, as soon as comes to Maryland's Pylesville to search the outcome. This two building's house is constructing. The wall and the roof already built finish, as soon as in enters, everywhere is bunch of straw stalk, the straw stalk's smell lets the human think that places oneself in the barn. This day is just when hot and humid, house-owner Mr. and Mrs. DeRan and several the friend who comes to help wield the perspiration work together. They use the hand saw cutting straw stalk, then admits in the wall as the insulation material, but does not look like American general house such, fills the revertex froth in the wall. Hostess Adrienne DeRan first explained why uses the straw stalk to work as building material: “the straw stalk's insulation effect is very good. This locality can grow, the vegetal period is very short, therefore very easy to regenerate. This uses the lumber not likely. Sometimes to build the house to reduce hundred year trees. From this angle, the straw stalk's reproducibility is very good.”

Designed this house architect Cigi Koko already to design and to construct completes more than 20 use natural materials to have the durable house. This day of she also helps. Cigi Koko said that covers the house advantage with the straw stalk to be many: “this is obtains the quite high insulation value with the cheapest way, the straw stalk's wall only needs the little energy to be possible to have the heat degree. This way is also helpful to the local agriculture, because after the farmer harvests the crops, the straw stalk to them were equal to that is the waste. Sells the straw stalk to be able to let the farmer have the additional income. The straw stalk do not contain the poison, pure natural, looking from environment each angle, the use straw stalk has the advantage.” Reporter very quick discovered that the building material also includes the bamboo. Male master Craig pointed at is inserting in the straw stalk's bamboo saying:“builds equally likely the first straw stalk brick. After having built three bunches, vertical gets down the penetration straw stalk with the bamboo to pile, piles the compaction the straw stalk.”

Voice of America Zhao Wancheng saws the straw stalk to just size not easy hostess Adrienne to tell very much reporter, once some people used the steel bar or the bonding jumper fix in the wall the straw stalk, but does not work, finally returns to the traditional material - bamboo, only then has solved the problem. Adrienne said: “the bamboo is the textile fiber archery target thing, will therefore not produce the moisture dew point among the wall, the wall cannot have this kind of dew point, because it will bring the moisture. If will use the steel bar to condense the moisture, this will cause the straw stalk to corrupt from inside to outside.” The straw stalk are the plant which does, to fear the bacterium insect corrosion? Craig pointed at the soil which outside the room piled up saying that that was the clay which the ground dug, spread the wall with the clay preliming, the bacterium insect is unable in such environment to survive radically. Builds the house with the cheap straw stalk, own soil smudged the wall, reporter cannot bear said that this way covered house not difference with before poor peasant!

Adrienne laughed, said: “poor peasant house? So long as does not waste the human, will have the human who the general knowledge but possibly will not have any money to use the natural material, the people may very convenient making use of local materials. If therefore you are called as our house the poor farmer's construction to be also good, moreover makes sense, because we use is in the material which local can obtain, moreover is conforms to the general knowledge construction way.” The DeRan house does not look like the general house to need to use the gas or the petroleum product warms up. Because they must install the solar energy board on the roof, therefore the fireplace will be the only warm air origin, this special design's fireplace may also warm up simultaneously bakes food!

This environmental protection house's tentative plan is careful, two big piece of roof generals planted the flowers and plants, hostess Adrienne said that these two bulks “the live roof” will have well separates the cold thermal effect, moreover might let the human share a room with the bird insect. This day helps the human also has two specialized architects, one is Katie. She said to reporter that her company constructs the commercial construction specially, these constructions do not consider the environment question completely, therefore she is comes here to study with the experience environmental protection house construction. She said: “I had known builds the house is not the accurate science, time are many you must according to the circumstance, Ge Zhei plant the house to be very laborious, need many people to help. But this is very safe to the environment. I admire house-owner's choice very much. I believed that this can be finally a very good house.” The fairy tale story “three young pigs” in first young pig fears troublesome, has built a grass house with the bushes, the big wild wolf one breath blows the thatched-roofed hut badly, has eaten the young pig. Mr. and Mrs. DeRan said that many people are very curious to their straw stalk house, therefore they have set up a blog, covers the house process to make public to the world, the blog name is “the first young pig”. After visiting how Mr. and Mrs. DeRan do build their environmental protection house, reporter knew, the house not only big wild wolf which covers with the straw stalk cannot blow down, it also possibly becomes the environmental protection house tidal current the model, is very arrogantly long with nature sharing the very long time! If you want to understand that Mr. and Mrs. DeRan the environmental protection house the construction process, you may enter their blog, the address are: