Tuesday, May 22, 2012

1 month since last post, 1 week until move-in!

Holy poo, I can't believe it!  The end is nigh!  Neigh!

In the end of March, dad and I worked on rail installation.  We didn't know our bums from holes in the ground.  Now we do. 
Sometimes, thinking didn't work so well...when working on cutting and installing a very important railing (this railing had been in Craig's grandparents' house), I cut all sorts of wacky compound, double bevel, mitred things. 

So, I really, truly, GLUED IT BACK TOGETHER!

We only had just enough of Grandmother and Grandfather's railing to do what we needed to do.

I glued, taped, and clamped my way to a thinner me!  ...no, just to two complete rails.

The garage has a long stair run to the unfinished room above.  Again, dad and I had to piece things together to get the total length.

Also, since I have very particular tastes in railing profiles (odd, I know), I bought old railings with profiles I liked and gave them a new life in our home.

After the rails:
Unfortunately, at some point a worker on a ladder lost his balance, fell onto and cracked a long windowsill.

These things happen.  This is the windowsill in the process of stripping down for repair.

I decided that perhaps this stumble/clay crack happened for a reason...it provided an opportunity for me to rethink that windowseat!  Straw removed, prepping for Idea #2.

Bookshelf/bench!  TAA DAA!

Ever the diligent worker, Ben vacuums the floor.

Not 100%, but getting there after Ben's vacuuming, the guys painting and caulking, the carpenter carpenting, the excavators grading, and Dad "Papa" and I moving all of the clutter out of the house.

See below:

Ben and Papa sweeping the porch.