Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Early June Miscellaneous Progress

I accidentally deleted the photos from 6/4, and 6/5.  We will never get them back.  Move on.  Life is too short to spend time ruminating on lost digital photos (even if they were really good).

Experiment & Lesson: If you have brass plated hardware, don't put it in straight vinegar and then forget about it for ohhh, at least a few days.  

Here is the pew from Highland between the family room and the kitchen (behind the pew).  Yes, this is way too big and will not be staying here.

Ben likes standing on the pew.

The kitchen in progress...with light fixtures.

Ben seems to like his tub!  YEAH!

Second floor hall and laundry room light fixtures installed.

Looking from the stairs down the second floor hall with the laundry room door open.

Same angle as previous picture, but with laundry room door closed.  Note: crazy transoms with odd length to height ratio - this was my idea mid-process...'cause that's how I roll.  Now I have to figure out stained glass designs for each transom...

Ben still likes standing on the pew.

View from breezeway/kitchen entrance.  Pub table and two odd-looking chairs will go in the faaaaaar left corner.

View from kitchen sink to the Southwest.

FLIPPIN' HUGE blower for the vent hood in the box on the right.  I bought the biggest one I could find...I ain't messin' around!  I wanted to make sure the vent hood could handle the absurd qty of BTU's our range is capable of producing.  This will be mounted outside so we don't have to hear the noise inside.

Reclaimed pine flooring purchased from The Loading Dock.  Crazy good price; like, < $.60/sf!  Niiice.