Monday, May 9, 2011

Grouting Tile and Diggin' Trenches

Little corner of tile to be pieced-in.

Last bit of tile in place.


Ready to grout: sponge, grout, float.

Sample grouted tiles at left.  I chose grout color 'Earth.' At first, I thought Earth was maybe a little too purpley, but I like the end result.

I think this shows some of the grout in place...if nothing else, you can see the 'honey' color of the tile.

Grout bucket on top of the floor drain.  Everything to the left of the bucket has been grouted.  I'd never grouted joints this narrow before - I broke a sweat!  I decided to leave the 2nd half to the next day...'cause I was tired!

Meanwhile, the exterior:
Trenches have been dug in order to please the County (since we have chosen not to have gutters on our roof).  These trenches will be connected to our rubble trench footers and intended to help pull fallen precipitation away from the house.