Friday, May 27, 2011

Brass, and Grass!

At some point I decided that it might be a good idea to put some sort of little 'accent' in the control joints that were cut into the concrete of our first floor.  Yes, this I decided.

Craig used the wet/dry vac to suck the debris and dirt out of the joints.

I purchased 1/8" square strips (12' long) from my friend Joe Skidmore at Metal Express to put into the joints.

Dad and I put the strips into place; I really like the way it turned out.

Accent strips turned out real nice-like; unobtrusive and classy (just like me!).

Then I had to switch gears and sort out my lamp parts so I could rewire most of the light fixtures I purchased.
Some chains and cords lined up to the left of this photo.  Uncle Dave had a whole mess o' electric stuff that he said I could sort through and use as necessary.

Taken apart to think about my fixin' before I get into it.

Also taken apart to see what needed to happen fixin'-wise. (Decided not to bother, and just to cannabalize this fixture for parts.)

While Craig and Dad and I were inside working on things, the grading crew was outside, well, grading.

Front of the house graded and seeded (this is where the 'grass' comes in).

Back yard graded, seeded, and strawed.

The excavating crew from JAMB left a pile of big ol' stones for me to use in landscaping and such.

Semi-circle driveway and paths with crush and run laid down.  This is the path to the breezeway porch.

Kick plate added to porch door
I took the kick plate off of our current house years ago with the intent to clean and polish it.  That never happened, so I put it in vinegar in a tin foil tray to get some of the oxidation off, and used the non-shiny side here.  I'm not a fan of super shiny things intended for kicking.

Yes, this collection of photos is seemingly random, but at least it's a forward direction.  Progress makes me happy.