Monday, April 4, 2011

Slating the Gables Front and Back

The guys from Lantz were back today to put the slate on the front and back gables.

Ben and I walked around the spoils from the septic tank to see what stone there was to work with for porches and landscaping projects.  JACKPOT!

A nice pattern is cast by the skip sheathing before all of the slate is installed.

These guys from Lantz Slate Roof Repair are awesome.  They know their stuff, and are great to work with!

Trim samples that Jeff left for me to see.  The piece on top of the white is the profile for the picture rail that will be all over the house to hang artwork.

"Touch!"  Ben loves to touch the clay plaster walls.

Even though the floor was dirty, I let Ben crawl in the secret passage.


Ben, admiring the view.