Saturday, April 23, 2011

Floor Sealing: Day 1

Note, I did not mean to write "Floor Ceiling," as the title of this entry; that would not make any sense...unless of course you're thinking of that Lionel Ritchie song, "Dancing on the Ceiling."  'Floor ceiling' might make some sense in that case.

The application procedure for the Scofield sealer I chose uses a special Scofield squeegee-type applicator.  This is something I would've purchased when I ordered the material if the salesman had mentioned it.  However, my bad for not reading all product literature for every Scofield product ahead of time.

Dad and I used a large off-the-rack squeegee.

I mostly poured the milky liquid while dad squeegeed.

Dad a la American Gothic.

This looks a bit messy.  We'll let it dry and see if we need a second coat.


Ben's first blanket fort experience today!  YEAH!