Saturday, January 8, 2011

I LEARNED HOW TO UPLOAD VIDEOS and First Fire in the Masonry Heater: Well, sort of.

So, we had 6 small fires.  This is called "the curing process."  The purpose of this is to gradually drive out the moisture from the 4-6" thermal mass facade (in our case, stone) and the mortar, before getting a full-on Towering Inferno going (with or without OJ).

Dusty picture of our 1st fire.

Not as dusty...

Clearly, this is the start of our 3rd fire. 
(We started #2 and then went to lunch, so I didn't get a photo of that because I was thinking about pizza and not the fire...)

Fire #3 - on fire.

Fire #4.

The set-up for fire #5.

Fire #5 ON FIRE!  Ahhhh!

There was a pretty good flame going on this'n - you could see it in the pizza oven! 
Ok, you could see it sometimes; I took like 30 pics to get this little orange bit to show!

Looks like the top of the masonry heater is open and we're going to set the house on fire!
It's not, and we're not.  It's an optical illuuuuuuusion; we had a halogen light on top.

Like a Boy Scout m'dad is!  Look at that cabin stack! 
(ok, I have no idea what that's called, but it sounded good didn't it?)

You'll never guess the number of this fire...

YUP!  You guessed it!  Six-a-rooni!

Clay plaster stuff