Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Boxing Day!

So, yesterday at Christmas Dinner #2 (#1 was at the DeRans, #2 at the Endres household), we discussed Boxing Day.  We had someone from England and someone from Ireland there, and I think that we determined after WAY too much discussion and debate, was that Boxing Day was the day after Christmas when people boxed up their old things to give to the less fortunate, and that the wealthy gave their servants the day off.  Apparently, "servants, tradespeople, and (other service industry workers)..." had "little earthenware boxes" that they used to "collect tips and year-end bonuses."*  Hence, Boxing Day. 
*Taken from 'Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations of the World Dictionary."  Compiled by Sue Ellen Thompson and Barbara W. Carlson, copyright 1994, etc. blah blah blah.

Anyhoo...back to the task at hand.
Dad and I saw these slate fence posts this morning up in Delta, PA - just over the Mason-Dixon from our home under construction.

...and also, they're made of slate.
See how they're carved and such - neato!

Dad and I got the slate in the foreground this morning so that Dan can finish facing the masonry heater. 
When we went to drop it off at the house, we found CRAIG there! 
At his own house!  Insanity.

Later that day...

After a little cleaning this evening: Original knob and escutcheon from the salvaged oak doors.  We only have a few of these- somebody done stole 'em before the doors were removed in the deconstruction of the building in Hanover, PA.

After cleaning, plus PAM cooking spray!  A little shinier, and now it tastes like chemical butter.  Mmmm.
Why did I spray PAM on this?  Not sure...though, I did once repair an on-ship telescope with Coke and butter.
Non sequitur?...nope nope, they both involve mechanical things and buttery taste.  If I had a nickel...

Hope your Christmas was merry, and that you didn't give anyone a hard time if they said (GASP!) "Happy Holidays" or something to that effect.