Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rear of Garage and Overall House Perimeter

(Photo of rear of the house: credit to dad.  3/24/10)
Library in the distance, workshop on the back of the garage.
I think this will mostly be tool storage or work area for small projects.  Anything big will have to go into the garage bays or in the 'studio' above the garage.  I know how often I am able to use my 'shop' now, and instead of building on wishful thinking, I was trying to be realistic and not excessive.  Much thanks goes to Sigi Koko, our architect, for helping us be mindful of planning for space that will actually be used and not forgotten.

On that note, those who know me well will understand; my 'projects,' even small ones, often take several years.  I get distracted, bored, or 'multi-task' to the nth degree and then return to something as my whim sees fit.